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In this fonds we firstly note 14 files titled “Belgium”, spanning the years 1950-1971 – see files S5/10491, S5/11397, S5/11398, S5/11399, S5/11400, S5/11401, S5/12484, S5/12485, S5/12486, S5/12487, S5/12488, S5/12489, S5/12490 and S5/12491. File S5/12161 contains newspaper clippings concerning Belgium. Concerning the shekel in Belgium, see files S5/2017, S5/2018, S5/1316, S5/1317, S5/11739, S5/11792 and S5/11862, roughly covering the years 1935-1961. The fonds also contains various documents such as reports and correspondence with Zionist political organisations in Belgium, notably with Mizrachi (S5/537; 1938), the youth movement B’rith Hakanaim (S5/1896; 1938), Poale Zion-Zeire Zion (S5/2273; 1936-1937), “Belgian youth movements” (S5/1906; 1936-1938), federation of Zionist youth movements in Antwerp (S5/1905; 1938), the Zionist Revisionists (S5/555 and S5/2306; resp. 1938 and 1936-1937) and the Zionist Federation in Belgium (S5/2231, S5/445 and S5/753; resp. 1936-1937, 1937-1940 and 1945-1949) as well as the local section in Brussels (S5/2232; 1936). Furthermore, we note correspondence but also circulars, newspaper clippings, leaflets, documents containing the names of candidates and results concerning the elections, in Belgium, for the 20th to 26th Zionist congresses. See the files: S5/1721 (1937); S5/1767 (1939); S5/20, S5/21 and S5/22 (1946); S5/12021 and S5/11924 (1950-1951); S5/12064 and S5/12118 (1956); S5/12851 and S5/12876 (1960); and S5/12952 (1964-1965). Finally, other files in this fonds are also relevant – see i.a. the reports on the status of the Jews and Zionism i.a. in Belgium (S5/1642; 1945-1947), various documents of Isaac Greenbaum on Zionism i.a. in Belgium (S5/2443/2; 1936-1938) and statutes of Zionist Federations in Europe, including Belgium (S5/2999).

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