Párizsi Főkonzulátus

  • Records of the Hungarian Chief Consulate in Paris
MNL OL K 648
Language of Description
1941 - 1945
Level of Description
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Latin

Extent and Medium

125 fasc., 12 vols., 18,5 linear metres


Scope and Content

Records of the Hungarian Chief Consulate in Paris, in Nazi-occupied France that are relevant for the study of the history of the Holocaust mostly concern issues of citizenship. There are documents related to hundreds of such cases, several of which even have photos of the individuals concerned. Moreover, there are birth, marriage, baptism and death certificates of Hungarian Jews (the former also serving as proofs of origin), matters related to their passports (including certificates of the return of one’s town of residence to Hungary) and entry permits. There are more general reports on Hungarian citizens residing in France including lists of their names and documents on Hungarian citizens in French internment camps. There are cases of arrest, internment, expulsion and deportation of Hungarian Jews from France and cases of requests and even of actual escapes from the Drancy camp. Moreover, there are records on the liquidation of businesses and the sealing of flats as well as compensation requests and documents granting exemptions from anti-Jewish measures. There are also records in the collection from the committee that handled the wealth of Hungarian Jews in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France. Last but not least, there are inquiries addressed at the Chief Consulate regarding possibilities to return to Hungary and the whereabouts of POWs.

Finding Aids

  • Ferenc Nagy, ed. Külügyminisztérium levéltára. Vols 2. Budapest. MOL, 2003.

Publication Note

Ferenc Nagy, ed. Külügyminisztérium levéltára. Vols 2. Budapest. MOL, 2003.

Archivist Note

Description were prepared by László Csősz and Laura Csonka.

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