A kormányzói iroda iratai

  • Records of the Regent’s Cabinet Office
MNL OL K 588
Language of Description
1919 - 1944
Level of Description
  • Hungarian
  • Latin

Extent and Medium

K 588: 4 fasc., 2 vols., 0,57 linear metres


Archival History

In all likelihood, the papers of the Regent were removed to Germany in 1944 from where it was presumably taken to the Soviet Union. The papers were returned to Hungary in 1959 and were taken over by the Hungarian National Archive in 1960.

Scope and Content

In 1920, in order to facilitate the administrative work of the Regent of Hungary, new offices were established called the Cabinet Office, the Military Office and the Economic Office though the last of the three was soon merged into the Cabinet Office. A tiny fraction of their documents survived and many of the other materials of the Office of the Head of State was also destroyed. For the Cabinet Office, practically the only remaining documents are from the years 1945-46 and concern economic matters (K 588). The scope of these economic affairs was rather restricted as it concerned the salary of the Regent and the budget of the Cabinet Office. The papers from 1945-46, however, also concern some other economic measures, provide assessments of war damage, and also the abolishment procedure. A host of sections are of some relevance for the history of the Holocaust in Hungary. Most obviously, 1/F concerns the Jewish question, 1/B are letters from Prime Ministers, 1/C concern various Hungarian governments, 1/D discuss Hungarian political questions and parties, 1/G and I/J discuss the question of land reform and various economic matters, respectively, 1/H is on religious questions. Of the papers on foreign policy, 2/C on Hungarian-German relations is the most relevant.

System of Arrangement

The arrangement is artificial and was developed by the Hungarian National Archive on the basis of a previous Soviet arrangement. The arrangement is thematic and the items are numbered within each thematic section.

Archivist Note

Description was prepared by Ferenc Laczó.

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