Reményi-Schneller Lajos pénzügyminiszter iratai, 1938-1944

  • Records of Finance Minister Lajos Reményi-Schneller, 1938-1944
MNL OL K 280
Language of Description
1938 - 1944
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  • Hungarian
  • Latin

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14 fasc., 1,56 linear metres


Scope and Content

The Hungarian Ministry of Finance was headed by Lajos Reményi-Schneller (1892-1946) between 1938 and 1944, i.e. Reményi-Schneller served in this position in the successive governments of Darányi, Imrédy, Teleki (his second term), Bárdossy, Kállay, Sztójay, Lakatos and Szálasi. Reményi-Schneller even held the position of economic superminister (gazdasági csúcsminiszter) in the governments of Teleki, Bárdossy and Kállay. His policies were strongly in favor of Nazi Germany during the war years. In 1946, he was sentenced to death and executed as part of the Sztójay-trial. The collection contains documents of Lajos Reményi-Schneller, most of which are semi-official such letters requesting his patronage, jobs, benefits, tax write-off, etc. However, there are also the proposals he submitted to the Council of Ministers. The collection also contains newspaper clippings. There are miscellaneous documents on the "Jewish questions" in the collection such as the letter received from John Sebastian in 1939 who proposed the collection and publication of regulations and restrictions for Jews.

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Description was prepared by László Csősz.

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