Miniszterelnökség Nemzetiségi és kisebbségi osztály

  • Prime Minister’s Office Department of Nationalities and Minorities
Language of Description
1923 - 1944
Level of Description
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Latin

Extent and Medium

276 fasc., 13 vols., 39,41 linear metres


Biographical History

The Department of Nationalities and Minorities in the Prime Minister’s Office was responsible for the matters of ethnic minorities living in Hungary, including Germans, Romanians, Slovaks, Ruthenians, Southern Slavs, as well as of the Hungarians living in the successor states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The matters covered cases of social, cultural and religious organizations, citizenship, press, school and propaganda matters and many other issues.

Archival History

The survived records of the Department of Nationalities and Minorities were probably handed over to the Hungarian National Archives in the 1950s. The material was rearranged several times.

Scope and Content

The most relevant part of the collection is thematic unit no. 222. entitled “Jewish matters” It contains records pertaining to anti-Jewish laws and decrees in Hungary and in foreign countries, as well as various types of documents on Jewish organizations, religious affairs and property issues. Besides, the collection includes other Jewish-related parts: Unit 13 contains files concerning the Anschluss (annexation of Austria to the Nazi Empire) in March 1938, including the cases of Hungarian-Austrian bilateral agreements and the complaints and other matters of Hungarian citizens in connection with the annexation and the German anti-Jewish laws. Unit 53 holds the miscellaneous records of the Israelite religious communities from 1929 and 1939-1940. Units 234-241 contain records concerning American citizens and their landed property in Hungary; Hungarian laws and decrees concerning minorities; cases of Hungarian citizenship; passport cases; visas; settlement issues; files on the regulations of labour service camps in Hungary as well as general Jewish matters, including reports on mass emigration of Jews from Hungary and the statements of the race protectionist Society of Awakening Hungarians (ÉME) from 1923 and 1925. Units 337-340 hold various cases of emigration, immigration and repatriation

Publication Note Szűcs László, szerk. A miniszterelnökség levéltára. Levéltárak Országos Központja, 1958.

Archivist Note

Description was prepared by László Csősz.

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