Földművelődésügyi Minisztérium, Elnöki iratok (1889-1944)

  • Presidential Records of the Ministry of Agriculture (1889-1944)
MNL OL K 178
Language of Description
1889 - 1944
Level of Description
  • Hungarian
  • Latin

Extent and Medium

1152 fasc., 300 vols., 180,28 linear metres


Scope and Content

Besides the anti-Semitic laws introduced in Hungary in the late 1930s and early 1940s that were of a more general scope, there was also a more specific initiative to reduce the involvement of Jews in the sphere of agriculture with the aim of excluding them from the Hungarian soil. This drive found its major legal expression in law XV. of 1942, also called the fourth Jewish law. The collection titled Presidential Records of the Ministry of Agriculture (1889-1944) contain the papers that were created at the Presidential Department (Elnöki Osztály) during these years. The subject of the papers arranged thematically include the proposals the Ministry made at the Council of Minister meetings as well as the decisions taken there that were of direct relevance to it, actions that were pursued to alleviate agrarian poverty, statistical censuses taken, the signing of trade agreement with other countries, the preparation of participation at international exhibitions, etc. A part of these presidential papers are of relevance for the study anti-Semitic radicalization at the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture.

System of Arrangement

The Presidential Records of the Ministry of Agriculture registered annually (1889 to 1944) and independently of other records of the same ministry. Next to these, there are thematically arranged papers. There are further materials to help the researcher such as item registries, subject indexes and books on the files.

Archivist Note

Description was prepared by Ferenc Laczó.

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