Magyar Belügyminisztérium iratai, 1938-1944

  • Records of the Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs, 1938-1944
MNL OL K 150
Language of Description
1938 - 1944
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  • Hungarian
  • Latin

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4535 fasc., 1630 vols., 775,68 linear metres


Scope and Content

This collection contains documents regarding the implementation of anti-Jewish legislation in Hungary as well as instructions given to various levels of public administration regarding Jewish matters in the years of worsening anti-Semitic discrimination prior to the mass deportations. Other records document disciplinary actions taken in extra-judicial ways. Moreover, the collection includes information on the processing of passports, repatriations and grievances and has records on the policy adopted toward Hungarian citizens residing abroad and non-citizens residing in Hungary. MOL K 150 P contains records of Hungarian law enforcement authorities about extra-judicial suppression of activities, i.e. records created by the Hungarian law enforcement authorities about procedures enacted for offenses which at that stage did not warrant prosecutorial actions and court proceedings. Such activities included the spreading rumors, so called anti-state and anti-Hungarian statements, listening to enemy radio broadcasts, profiteering, hoarding, sheltering fugitives (mostly Jews who escaped to Hungary from Poland, Slovakia and other places), providing the latter with false papers, attempts to bribe officials, vagrancy, prostitution, miscegenation, and others. The extra-judicial measures taken included arrest and incarceration but also internment, banishment from certain places, restrictions on use of means of communication, forbidding contact with certain persons and more. The collection contains police records that describe the suspected misdemeanors or felonies, statements by suspects, exchanges with attorneys, recommendations and appeals, authorizations and suspensions. Last but not least, under K 150-VII. kútfő-9-b. tétel-1944 „A-Z.” there is documentation of internment cases from 1944.

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Description was prepared by Ferenc Laczó.

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