Zbirka dokumenata Službe državne sigurnosti Republičkoga sekretarijata za unutarnje poslove Socijalističke Republike Hrvatske

  • Collection of documents of the State security agency of the Federal unit for the interior affairs of the Socialist Republic of Croatia
Language of Description
1 Jan 1944 - 1 Jan 1987

Extent and Medium

78 boxes

Scope and Content

This collection of materials of different origin is created by the State Security Service, or earlier OZNA (Department for the protection of the people) and UDBA Administration (State Security). Part of the material relates to the original material of the Ustasha police, military and other government and institutions of the ISC, and part is the result of the original documentation. The material is grouped into thematic sections (political parties to II. World War II Ustasha movement between the two world wars, and the NDH Ustasha movement, organization of the NDH government, the judiciary, the Home Guard, the effects of terrorist groups and organizations after the war, etc.) Most units have data on questions concerning the Jewish population Jews, especially in the minutes of the hearing of the people responsible for the killings of the Jews (copies of legislation on Jews, copies of advertisements published in the Official Gazette - various prohibitions, the list of Jews in the district Daruvar, copies of reports of Jewish property nationalized by the state in 1941, a partial list of Jews in Varazdin, Opatija, Rijeka, emigration to Palestine lists from 1943. Part of the material are various statements about Jews dispatched to Berlin by Hans Helm, a police attache at the German embassy in Zagreb, as well as correspondence between Helm and German police in Belgrade and Sarajevo regarding Jews. Virtually identical copies of documents can be found in the personal Helm Hans collection.