Harold Fraser: copy correspondence from Weimar Germany

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1 Jan 1923 - 31 Jan 1924
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Copy Corresp from fraser to helbert Wagg and co. ltd re Weimar germany, inflation, politics etc, 1924 and his father's account of warsaw, 1940

Donated May 1972

Donor: Harold Fraser

Scope and Content

This collection comprises two parts: a set of copy correspondence from Harold Fraser in Hamburg, to his employers, Helbert, Wagg and Co., merchant bankers based in London, circa 1923-1924 (1567/1); and a translation of a letter entitled, "A letter from my father about his experiences during the siege and the German occupation of Warsaw" (1567/2). It is not clear how the latter document relates to the depositor. The copy correspondence from Harold Fraser in Hamburg provides an insight into the economic, social and political conditions of that city and of Germany in general, covering the period of rampant inflation, record unemployment and the polarisation of political parties. Mention is made in the first letter of the strong presence in Germany of their competitor, J. Henry Schroeder, another London-based merchant bank. The two companies happened to merge many years later (1962), now both have been subsumed under Citigroup, the European and American bank.

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