Antisemitic coloured painting

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Antisemitic painting

Donated June 1990

Donor: Elizabeth Goldschmidt

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Antisemitic painting, coloured, possibly page of a book or broschure, of 'Judensau'

The main picture shows the common motive of the 'Judensau' in connection with three Jews who are wearing so-called 'Jew-hats'. Moreover, the picture shows a devil that should be recognized by horns on his head. Coloured painting, possibly a page of a book; "Pag. 392 printed in the top right corner.

Headline: "Au weih [Rabbi Ansehl?] au au Mausch auwei au au Under the Headline: Picture of an injured body of a child. Banner under the picture: "Diese Abbildung stehet zu Frankfurt am Maijn am Bruecken Thurm abgemahlt

Statement beneath the painting: " A I475, am Gruenen Donnerstag ward das Kindlein Simeo 2 ½ Jahr alt von den Juden umgebracht. Sauff du die Milch friss du den dreck das ist doch euer bestes geschleck

The " Judensau motive emerges in the Middle Ages. The images were displayed in churches, at public buildings, town gates and town walls. The motive was also published in caricatures and anti-Semitic leaflets.

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