Copy correspondence from girl re life in Vienna

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1 Jan 1939 - 31 Jan 1939
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Biographical History

It emerges that Leni's mother and father died within a short space of time of each other in 1938, both at the relatively early age of 53. Her brother also died at Buchenwald at the age of 18. During the period of the correspondence Leni stayed with an aunt, Martha and her young cousin, Hansi. Martha was imprisoned for 3 months for maligning the regime and it appears that Leni remained in the house during her absence. Two of the subsequent letters are from Martha in prison.

Much of the content deals with communication (or lack of it), material assistance (or lack ofit) and escape. Of particular interest is reference made to the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde which proved to be very unhelpful, not even acknowledging Leni's multiple appeals for financial assistance. Neither Leni nor her aunt wanted anything to do with 'those people'. Leni writes in June 1939 "...wenn ich 14 Jahre alt werde, so werde ich ganz von der Religion austreten..."

In her last letter Leni mentions that her departure from Austria to the USA is immanent. Martha also expected to leave within the year. Nothing is known of their fate and without even a surname it would be impossible to find out.

Archival History

Nothing is known about the provenance of these copy letters from a Jewish girl and her aunt to relatives in Great Britain.

Scope and Content

They are mirror image typescript mimeographed transcriptions, the majority of which are copy letters from Leni, the 12 year old girl. In addition to the above there is an (apparently unrelated) unidentified mirror image mimeographed manuscript memo re tax allowances.

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