Ministerstvo hospodářství a práce, Praha

  • Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit, Prag
  • MHP
  • NAD 782
  • Ministry of Economy and Work
Language of Description
1942 - 1945
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  • Czech
  • German
  • Latin

Extent and Medium

109 linear meters of documents, all are processed and inventoried.

Biographical History

The Ministry of Economy and Work (Ministerstvo hospodářství a práce/Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit) was founded 15th of January 1942. It united the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Business (Ministerstvo průmyslu, obchodu a živností), the Ministry of Public Works (Ministerstvo veřených práci) and the Ministry of Social and Health Administration (Ministerstvo socialní a zdravotní zprávy) into one institution. From the Ministry of Interior it overtook the resort private insurances. The new Ministry was also responsible for currency and monetary policy. The head of the Ministry of Economy and Work was also chairman of the department V. in the Office of the Reichsprotector.

Archival History

After the liberation of Czechoslovakia, the portfolios of the Ministries were changed by the Government again into their prewar organisation. The registration of the Ministry of Economy and Work was not changed anymore. The main collection was given to the State Central archives (now National archives) already in 1953 and was added with other material in the following years. In 1960 the first part of the collection Ministry of Economy and Work (Ministerstvo hospodářství a práce) was processed and inventoried. In the following years more material was added.

Scope and Content

The Ministry of Economy and Work (Ministerstvo hospodářství a práce) was a result of the Heydrich´s reform of the Protectorate administration in 1942. In this period falls the total change of the Protectorate into a war economy. As the Aryazation of Jewish property was untill 1942 almost finished and the deportation of Bohemian and Moravian Jews to Ghetto Theresienstadt (Terezín) and other Ghettos and camps in the east started in 1941 most Holocaust relevant material in this collection is connected to the status of "mixed" Jews or Jews who were married to a non Jewish partner.

Finding Aids

  • Printed finding aids (find books) are accessible in Czech language in the archival reading room. The finding help No. 194, 453, 1472 in Czech are online available:

Archivist Note

Entry selected and written based on online-inventory and Průvodce po archivních fondech a sbírkách / edited by Státní ústřední archiv - part II, vol. 1, Praha, 1987 by AA

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