Česká liga proti bolševismu, Praha

  • Czech League against Bolshevism
  • ČLB
  • ČLpB
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1944 - 1945
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  • Czech
  • Latin

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The collection consists out of 0,5 linear meters of processed and inventoried documents.

Biographical History

Czech League against Bolshevism (Česká liga proti bolševismu) was a protectorate organizations conducting anti-Soviet propaganda. It was founded in early 1944 in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, with the task to promote Germany as the savior of European civilization and further develop anti-communist and anti-Soviet propaganda.

Archival History

Parts of the collection are material from the pre-war organization "Českolovenska liga proti bolševismu" (Czechoslovak League against Bolshevism), founded 1937 and from the already in 1928 in Slovakia founded "Liga proti komunismu" (League against Communism). The collection "Česká liga proti bolševismu" consists mainly out of fotografies, newspaper clippings, correspondence, invitations to lectures and anti-Soviet articles and the documentation of the anti-Soviet exhibition "Bolševismus - nikdy!" (Bolshevism - never!) from 1945.

The finding help from 1971 does not provide any information about the archival history.

Scope and Content

The official reason for the founding of the Czech League against Bolshevism (Česká liga proti bolševismu) was the Czechoslovak-Soviet treaty of alliance in December 1943 signed by Edvard Beneš in Moscow. The Founding General Meeting of the Czech League against Bolshevism (Česká liga proti bolševismu) was held 23rd January 1944 in Prague. The organization reported directly to the Ministry of Education and Propaganda, led by Emanuel Moravec. Since its founding until January 1945 the Liga organized 231 public speeches and lectures.

The Propaganda of the Czech League against Bolshevism was not only ant-Soviet but also anti-Semitic.

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Publication Note

Fašismus v Českých zemích 1922 – 1945. Fašistické a nacionálněsocialistické strany a hnutí v Čechách a na Moravě / Ivo Pejčoch - Praha : Academia, 2011.

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Based on online-inventory http://badatelna.eu/fond/894/, entry selected and written by AA.

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