Národní arijská kulturní jednota, Praha

  • National Aryan Cultural Union, Prague
  • Nationalarische Union, Prag
  • NAKJ
  • NAD 677
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1939 - 1945
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  • Czech
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The collection consists out of 1.25 linear meters of processed and inventoried documents which are all accessible.

Biographical History

The antisemitic Národní arijská kulturní jednota (National Aryan Cultural Union, NAKJ) started to be active in the first months of the existence of the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia in spring 1939. Together with the more important Czech fascist organisation "Vlajka" (The Flag) Národní arijská kulturní jednota were forming the movement Český národní sociální tábor (Czech National Social Union, ČNST).

Archival History

The material of the collection were stored in the depot of the book collection of the Czechoslovak State library and handed over to the Central State Archives (Státní ustřední archiv) today National Archives (Národní archiv) in 1975. The finding help is dated from 1976.

Scope and Content

The National Aryan Cultural Union (Národní arijská kulturní jednota, NAKJ) was founded on 24th May 1939, officially as a non political society "to improve the situation of the national culture, spirit and peoples behaviour according to modern aryan principles". The association opened 20 branches in the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia. Together with the fascist movements "Vlajka" (The Flag), "Národní tábor fašistická" (National Fascist Union) and "Fašistická garda" (Fascist guard) they unified in October 1939 to "Český národně socialistický tábor, ČNST" (Czech Nationalsocialist Union). In this Union the Národní arijská kulturní jednota was responsible for cultural matters. Since 1942 due to financial problems the association was existing only formal untill the end of the war.

I the years of activities of the Národní arijská kulturní jednota was releasing anit-Semitic publications and articles. The association was organizing conferences which were calles "ideologic schools".

The leader was first Stanislav Babický and since 1940 František Lelek, later Prof. Dr. Josef Špaček, Zajíček, Karel

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Publication Note

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Český fašismus 1922 – 1945 a kolaborace 1939 – 1945 / Tomáš Pasák. - Praha 1999.

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Based on online-inventory http://www.badatelna.eu/fond/833/, entry selected and written by AA

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