Německá osídlovací společnost Karlovy Vary

  • Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft Karlsbad
  • German Settlement society Carlsbad
  • NOS
  • DAG Karlsbad
  • NAD 556
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1938 - 1945
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  • German
  • Latin

Extent and Medium

The fonds consists out of 241 linear meters of processed and inventoried documents. 1 linear meter of documents is not processed and inventoried and inaccessible.

Biographical History

The Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft was founded as Deutsche Ansiedlungsbank already in 1898. The original functions of his organisation were expanded significantly in the period of National Socialism and the name was changed 1936 into Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft. It had a statutory right of preemption in the purchase of large agricultural estate. The Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft acquired, sold, leased and operated farms. These were then divided for agricultural use. With the beginning of the Germans expansion in 1938 the Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft emerged offices in Innsbruck, in Carlsbad (Karlsbad/Karlovy Vary) and in Mährisch Schönberg (Šumperk) for the eastern parts of the Sudetengau. In 1939 it was placed under Himmler`s Reich Commissioner for the Consolidation of German Nationhood (Reichskommissar für die Festigung deutschen Volkstums). On behalf of Himmler and the High Command of the Army (Oberkommando des Heeres), the Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft had the fiduciary administration over agricultural estates in Austria, the Sudetengau and in the occupied territories.

Archival History

The Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft was nationalized by the Czechoslovak state after the liberation in 1945. The administration was taken over by the Czechoslovak Ministry of Agriculture. The documents of the Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft were brought in 1948 to Prague. In the next years the archive was sent in 1949 to the Agriculture-Forrest Archive in Horšovský Týn (Bischofteinitz) and in 1952 to the new established Central Agriculture-Forrest archive in Sazava. Other material from different offices and archives were added and in 1962 the material which was at that time in a very bad shape was processed and inventoried by the State Central Archive in Prague (Státní ústřední archiv v Praze) now National Archives (Národní archiv).

Scope and Content

In the Sudeten region were since 1938 four different organisations involved into the Nazi-settlement policy. These were the Sächsischen Bauernsiedlung GmbH Dresden, the Schlesische Landgesellschaft mbH Breslau, the Bayerische Bauernsiedlung GmbH and the Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft which openened in February 1939 an office (Geschäftstelle) in Carlsbad (Karlsbad/Karlovy Vary) and an office in Mährisch Schönberg (Šumperk). The main activity of the Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft was the settlement of German farmers on farms which belonged to Czechs, Jews or other "foreigners". Czech property was Germanized and Jewish property aryanized. Jewish owners of farm land were forced to sell their property to the Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft. The Karlsbad office got untill 1945 over 1600 farms with 50 000 hectars of land under their administration.

Of special interest is material of the Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft concerning Jewish property, for example reports about Jewish agricultural property, guidelines for Aryanization of Jewish property and statistical reports about Jewish property.

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  • Německá osidlovací společnost - pobočka Karlovy Vary (Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft - Zweigstelle Karlsbad) in the State Regional Archives in Plzeň (Státní oblastní archiv v Plzni)

  • Bundesarchiv Berlin, Deutsche Ansiedlungsgesellschaft, inventory number R 121/403

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