Národní souručenství, Praha

  • National Community, Prague
  • Nationale Gemeinschaft
  • N Sour.
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21 Mar 1939 - 8 May 1945
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  • Czech
  • Latin

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The collection consists out of 30,5 linear meters of processed and inventoried documents. 0,62 linear meters are unprocessed and inaccessible.

Biographical History

Národní souručenství was during the existence of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia the only allowed political Czech organization in which all existing political parties were united. Its creation marked the definitive end of parliamentary democracy. Head of the organisation was a 50-member committee (Výbor Národního souručenství) with the agrarian politician Adolf Hrubý as chairman. For 1943-01-15 Národní souručenství was disbanded as a political party and converted into a cultural and educational organization.

Archival History

Most of the material of this organisation which had over 2 million members was destroyed during and after the liberation of the country in 1945. The Ministry of Interior liquidated the organisation including all its regional branches and the little documents left were in 1946 handed over to the State Central archives (Státní ústřední archiv) now National archives (Národní archiv). The fond was processed and inventoried in 1961.

Scope and Content

The National Community included all male citizens of the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia. The membership was virtually a formality. The Preparatory Committee was established soon after the occupation, namely 21 March 1939 under President Hacha. The aim was to create a mass organization which would support the Protectorate government. Subsequently on 6th April 1939 the Národní souručenství was declared the only political party in the Protectorate. About ninety percent of the male population of the Protectorate were members of Národní souručenství.

The organisation Národní souručenství was anti-Semitic. Membership was prohibited to Jews. On the first meeting of the parties panel 1939-03-25 was decided to create a directory of the entire Jewish property in the Protectorate until one month. Národní souručenství played especially in the first years of the Protectorate an important role in the propaganda and started different anti-jewish campaignes. The right wing in Národní souručenství, which were mostly members of "Vlajka" (The Flag) tried to gain more power in the organisation but their attempts to strengthen the anti-Jewish legislation of the Protectorate remained mostly unsuccessful. The preparation of anti-Jewish laws, which were submitted to the Protectorate government, are to be found in the "Chronicle" part of the collection box 21.

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Publication Note

Činnost a vývoj Národního souručenství v Českých Budějovicích v letech 1939–1942 / Leoš Nikrmayer. - České Budějovice 2006.

Fašismus v Českých zemích 1922 – 1945. Fašistické a nacionálněsocialistické strany a hnutí v Čechách a na Moravě / Ivo Pejčoch. - Praha : Academia, 2011.

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