Svaz protifašistických bojovníků - ústřední výbor, Praha

  • The Union of Antifascist Fighters - Central Committee, Prague
  • Verband der antifaschistischen Kämpfer - Zentralkomitee, Prag
  • ÚV SPB
  • NAD 1063
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1951 - 1969
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Extent and Medium

27 linear metres of documents are processed from which are 27 linear metres inventoried and accessible and 0,35 linear metres are unprocessed and not accessible.

Biographical History

Shortly after the end of the WWII, people who returned from Nazi prisons, members of domestic or foreign resistance, soldiers of armies who fought against Nazism and even family members of those who didn´t survive have unified in several interest organizations. Next to the Czechoslovak Legionnaire Community (Československá obec legionářská) which was originally founded for members of the foreign resistance during the WWI, two large organizations have been established in the Czech lands – The Union of National Revolution (Svaz národní revoluce) and the Union of Liberated Political Prisoners (Svaz osvobozených politických vězňů). Their goals were to support the local and international Anti-Nazi and Anti-Fascist ideology, the legal lobby and also the social and health care for members. Since 1947, the influence of the Communist party was raising rapidly inside of the resistance organizations and after the Communist takeover in February 1948, they went through massive political cleaning. In May 1948, all of them have been merged in the Union of Freedom Fighters (Svaz bojovníků za svobodu) which was already considered as a political association, loyal to the Communist party. Finally in 1951, Communist regime established the central organization uniting all Czech and Slovak resistance organizations - the Union of Anti-Fascist Fighters (Svaz profifašistických bojovníků, SPB) to continue “the fight against Fascism, for peace and socialism.” A year later, it was incorporated to the National Front, the united political representation of the country.

Archival History

The first materials of SPB were transferred to the State Central Archives in 1969 and included also documents from its predecessors. It was inventoried in 1971. Other documents and files were transferred to the State Central Archives in several waves in 1980s and 1990s, so the fond was re-inventoried in 2005 – 2007. The fond includes documents created to 1969. Then, the SPB was transformed according to the federal organization of the country to the Czechoslovak Union of Anti-Fascist Fighters with Czech and Slovak subordinate branches and so the documents created after 1969 can be found in separate fonds of the successors.

Scope and Content

Besides the documents from the predecessors of SPB (including the members registers), the fond contains materials describing SPB existence, tasks and goals such as documents of 4 SPB general assemblies, records of central committee meetings, proposals of honors and personal files of SPB employees. Next to it, the fond is a unique resource of history of the Czech resistance during the WWII – it contains information files of the resistance groups operating in the Czech lands (in alphabetical order). In the after war period, these documents were used as an elementary resource to prove the individual resistance participation. The fond also includes 40 boxes of the questionnaires which were collected from the victims of pseudo-medical experiments in the concentrations camps in 1965, then the questionnaires of WWII property damages, the investigation files and expert reports about the Czech collaboration with Nazis, the war criminals (SPB members cooperated with the Government commission for the war criminals prosecution in 1960s and 1970s), the summary reports from extraordinary postwar trials in 1945 - 1947. Part of the SPB documents is also included to the successor´s fond (the Czechoslovak Union of the Anti-Fascist Fighters) as it was used continuously such as the members register, the photo archives, the materials collected by the Documentation department (f. e. the works from annual memorial and documentation competition).

System of Arrangement

The fond was processed and inventoried in 2005 – 2007, the inventory was finished in 2008 and is accessible in Czech online. It registers 839 inventory units in 189 boxes (documents files and 1 card index).

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