Okresní úřad Poděbrady

  • District Office of Poděbrady / NAD 189
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1 Jan 1850 - 31 Dec 1942
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  • German
  • Czech
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263,13 linear meters


Biographical History

The office began its activities in 1850 as a district governor's office, a body of political administration of first instance. It was subject to the regional administration in Jičín. In 1855, the mixed political-judicial district offices began to operate, being separated in 1868. In that year, the District Governor's Office in Poděbrady was re-established. In 1928, the name was changed to the District Office and the branch of the district political administration in Nymburk was merged with the political administration in Poděbrady. The office was abolished in 1942 and the agenda was transferred to the district office in Nymburk.

Archival History

The most important part of the fonds is presidium files, which have been preserved except for the year of 1864. The documents were stored at the seat of the office, and after its abolition they were transferred to Nymburk. The fonds was deposited in Prague and Jičín, until being transferred to the District Archives Nymburk in the late 1950s. In 1972 - 1974, presidium files from 1851-1942 were processed in the form of thematic catalogs. Since 2006, the fonds has been gradually processed.

Scope and Content

The fonds contains documents arising from the activities of the Poděbrady District Office, official books, files and registry finding aids. Information on Jews can be found generally in census sheets. Specific references to Jews can be found in the presidency files. These also contain situation reports from 1939-1942 (boxes 81 and 82). Relevant are also: inv. no. 22/1866 and inv. no. 13/1866 Jews - no riots reported; inv. no. 460, 493, 502/1899 Riots against Jews in Pečky; inv. no. 510/1899 Attacks against the offices and the synagogue in Křinec; inv. no. 530/1899 Anti-Jewish demonstrations in Pečky; inv. no. 538/1899 Attack on the Křinec synagogue; inv. no. 544/1899 Anti-Jewish demonstrations in Mcely; inv. no. 581/1899 Anti-Jewish demonstrations in Městec; inv. no. 752 Anti-Jewish demonstrations in Sadská; inv. no. 1321/1915 Handing over copper objects to ZNO in Poděbrady and Městec Králové; inv. no. 374/1920 Supplies; inv. no. 152/1934 Zionist Congress in Prague - Polish delegates; inv. no. 1408/1938 Agitation against Jews; inv. no. 1425/1938 Refugees from the borderland - Jews, also inv. no. 1429/1938; inv. no. 1504/1938 Anti-Jewish leaflets; inv. no. 1514/1938 Jews in Poděbrady; inv. no. 1551/1938 also inv. no. 1612/1938 Jewish refugees.Relevant documents from the period 1939-1945 are: inv. no. 814/1939 Jewish property; inv. no. 832/1939 Ban on access and visits to restaurants, cafes, bars and other enterprises; inv. no. 689/1940 Jewish question; inv. no. 708/1940 Jewish property; inv. no.728 Jews - visits to spas; inv. no. 7821941 also 447/1940 Jews - prohibition from staying in certain places; inv. no. 278/1941 Jews - stay in resorts, prohibition of change of residence; inv. no. 1001/1940 also inv. no. 1021/1940 Jewish businesses and enterprises; inv. no. 1118/1940 Jews, stay in spas; inv. no. 1165/1939 Jewish enterprises and factories; inv. no. 901/1940 also inv. no. 1086/1941 Jews - contact with other population; inv. no. 19/1941 Jews in public life; inv. no. 398/1939 Jews who left the religious community since 1875; inv. no. 447/1941 Anti-Jewish measures; inv. no. 1939/247 Arrest of Polish Jews; inv. no. 1814/1938 The solution of the Jewish and Gypsy questions is necessary.

System of Arrangement

The fonds contains official books and file material.

Conditions Governing Access

partly accessible

Finding Aids

  • Capoušková E. – Forst F. – Jíra O. – Novotný K.: Okresní úřad Poděbrady – Presidiální spisy 1851-1918. Katalog, 1974, 259 s., ev. č. 15.

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  • This archival description was created by the Jewish Museum in Prague in the framework of the cooperation between EHRI and the Yerusha project.


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