C G2 PA Service “Immigration en Palestine”.

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  • C G2 PA
1 Jan 1942 - 31 Dec 1983
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Firstly, this fonds contains general correspondence, notes, administrative documents, reports, … of which some are of importance for the history of the Jewish population during the war, and in the immediate after war period. See files C G2 PA 065.03 (lists of messages to recipients in Belgium, sent to the Association des Juifs en Belgique, 1944), C G2 PA 067.29 (report of M. Jaquet concerning his mission to i.a. Belgium, 1946), C G2 PA 067.48 (notes on the visit of Mrs. Daïnow to Belgium, correspondence with the AIVG, 1947), C G2 PA 057.22 and C G2 PA 057.21. The following files contain various correspondence (ca. 1940-1947), mostly on requests for information on Belgian civilians and military personnel, often deported during the war: file C G2 PA 082.04, C G2 PA 082.06, C G2 PA 083.40, C G2 PA 061.09, C G2 PA 058.01, and C G2 PA 084.11. In the fonds we find quite a number of files with correspondence and alphabetical lists of persons – mostly of Belgian Jews or Jews residing in Belgium, and sometimes lists made by Belgian Jewish organisations such as the AIVG. See the following files: C G2 PA 002.20 (Lists of Jews in transit through Belgium, 1945); C G2 PA 006.46 (list of persons found in i.a. Belgian camps, 1945); C G2 PA 006.57 (correspondence with AIVG concerning transmission of information to families, 1946); C G2 PA 010.01, C G2 PA 011.01, C G2 PA 012.01, C G2 PA 013.01 and C G2 PA 014.01 (alphabetical lists of Jews deported from Malines, 1943-1947); C G2 PA 014.02 (alphabetical lists of Jews liberated from concentration camps in i.a. Belgium, made by the AIVG, 1946-1947), C G2 PA 022.35 (correspondence on transfer of Jews to Malines and sending of parcels, 1944), C G2 PA 028.19 (list of 12 Belgian Jews interned at Dachau, 1945), C G2 PA 029.01 (lists of Spanish and Portuguese Jews, made by the AIVG, 1945), C G2 PA 029.02 (list of foreigners residing in Belgium arrested and probably deported during the occupation, 1943-1947), C G2 PA 030.11 (i.a. documents transferred by the Section “Immigration to Palestine” to Belgian services, 1945), C G2 PA 031.18 (lists of i.a. Belgian Jews in Austria and Bavaria, 1945), C G2 PA 032.02 (lists of i.a. Belgian prisoners that died in lazarets in northern Germany, 1945) and C G2 PA 036.02 (lists and correspondence concerning identification of i.a. Belgian political prisoners, deceased and buried in Velesin and Ceske-Budejovice, 1945). Particularly interesting are the notes, correspondence and lists of Belgian Jews, certified as “veteran Zionists” by the Agence Juive de Palestine and often transmitted by the Office Palestinien in Switzerland to the ICRC, in view of being exchanged for Germans interned by the British empire. See the files C G2 PA 050.01, C G2 PA 050.02, C G2 PA 050.03, C G2 PA 050.04, C G2 PA 050.05, C G2 PA 050.06, C G2 PA 050.07, C G2 PA 050.08, C G2 PA 050.09, C G2 PA 050.10, C G2 PA 050.11, C G2 PA 050.12, C G2 PA 050.13, C G2 PA 050.14, C G2 PA 050.15, C G2 PA 050.16, C G2 PA 050.17, C G2 PA 050.18, C G2 PA 050.19, C G2 PA 050.20, C G2 PA 050.21, C G2 PA 050.22, C G2 PA 050.23, C G2 PA 050.24, C G2 PA 050.25, C G2 PA 050.26, C G2 PA 050.27, C G2 PA 050.28 and C G2 PA 050.29. These documents cover the years 1943-1947 (mostly 1943-1944). The following files contain forms, notes, correspondence regarding requests for information, obtaining immigration certificates, rectification of certificates and general questions with regards to immigration to Palestine of Belgian “veteran Zionists” (1943-1944): files C G2 PA 052.03, C G2 PA 053.04, C G2 PA 086.01, C G2 PA 086.02, C G2 PA 086.03, C G2 PA 086.04, C G2 PA 086.05, C G2 PA 086.06, C G2 PA 086.07, C G2 PA 086.08, C G2 PA 086.09, C G2 PA 086.10, C G2 PA 086.11, C G2 PA 086.12, C G2 PA 086.13, C G2 PA 086.14, C G2 PA 086.15, C G2 PA 086.16, C G2 PA 086.17, C G2 PA 086.18, C G2 PA 086.19, C G2 PA 086.20, C G2 PA 086.21, C G2 PA 086.22, C G2 PA 086.23, C G2 PA 086.24 and C G2 PA 086.25.

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  • E. GRAS, Inventaire C G2 PA, Service “Immigration en Palestine” (IMPA), 1942-1983, Geneva, ACICR, 2002.

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