BG 059 Israélites.

CH / ACICR / BG 059
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  • BG 059
1 Jan 1939 - 31 Dec 1961
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6,40 l.m.


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In this fonds we first of all want to point out the general series and files regarding: the persecution of, and assistance to Jews in the countries occupied by Nazi Germany and the other Axis powers; relief efforts in liberated concentration camps; “matters of principle”; individual cases; … We expect to find information on the Jewish population in Belgium in this kind of general correspondence, reports, lists etc. The following files explicitly refer to Belgium. Section “BG 59 02 [Aid and matters of principle] 1940-1961” contains a file on Belgium (file BG 59 02-020; for the year 1945). In section “BG 59 07 [Jewish and other organisations] 1940-1950” we note files on the Association des Juifs en Belgique (BG 59 07-181; for the year 1943), the Comité israélite des réfugiés victimes des lois raciales of Brussels (BG 59 07-207; year 1945), the Jewish community (congregation israélite) in Elisabethville (Lubumbashi) (BG 59 07-218; year 1944) and the Oeuvre de secours in Léopoldville (Kinshasa) (BG 59 07-279; year 1945), the latter two in the former Belgian Congo.

Finding Aids

  • F. BENSI, Inventaire B G 059, Israélites 1939-1961, Geneva, ACICR, 2006.

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