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Founded in 1981, CJHS was created to collect important documents, photographs, memorabilia, and artifacts related to the 180 years of permanent Jewish settlement in the region and to organize, preserve, and disseminate our history to future generations. Toward the goal of disseminating our history, CJHS organizes and sponsors programs throughout the year on local history and genealogy, and regularly partners with area synagogues and other history organizations to preserve and promote Central Ohio’s Jewish heritage. CJHS is committed to regularly upgrading our powerful new state-of-the-art website to improve access to its holdings.

In December 2015 CJHS opened it’s new permanent exhibit space known as “The Historical Collection” to the public. This is the first time that there will be permanent exhibit space dedicated to the Jewish history of central Ohio. With exhibits that are scheduled to change at least twice a year, the space will allow visitors to understand the long and important history of the area.


The CJHS archives are conveniently located in the Esther C. Melton Building at 1175 College Ave, Columbus, OH, 43209

Opening Times

CJHS archives are open by appointment only.

Conditions of Access

If you are interested in viewing items from the archive, please contact us at or 614.238.6977 to make an appointment.


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