Государственный фонд кинофильмов Российской Федерации

  • State Fond of Motion Pictures of Russian Federation
  • Gosudarstvennyi fond kinofilmov Rossiyskoy Federacyi
  • Gosfilmofond


History of the State Fond of Motion Pictures of Russian Federation starts in 1937 when in the town of Belye Stolby in the Moscow Province All-Soviet Film Production Storage was established. It had collected film production from all of the country.

In the years 1941-1944 all of the resources of the Institutions was evacuated to the Povolzhe and Ural regions. After its return to Belye Stolby, Fond besides recovering of its full Soviet collection, had acquired various film collections of the foreign states that were conquered by the Red Army.

In 1948 institution was reformed into All-Soviet Fond of Motion Pictures of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In 1992 it was renamed State Fond of Motion Pictures of Russian Federation.

Geographical and Cultural Context

Fond holds all of the motion picture production of the Soviet Union as well as collections of pre-1945 motion picture production of various other european states.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

State Fond of Motion Pictures of Russian Federation operates on the basis of Federal Law from 29.12.1994. №77-FЗ and Federal Law confirmed by the authorities of the Russian Federation from 22.02.2012. №150.

Archival and Other Holdings

Institution holds 967 000 rolls of the film material, from productions of the Lumiere brothers from 1895, till the contemporary Russian and foreign film production. Besides films and movies, Institution holds 450 000 archival folders such as film posters, photos, scenarios.

Opening Times

State Fond is opened from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm, with a lunch brake between 1 and 2 pm.


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