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Archival and Other Holdings

The Diplomatic Archives is one of the oldest departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was registered as a separate division at the time when the ministry was incorporated, in year 1862.

Given its attributions, the department ensures coordination and control of the entire activity on organizing, processing, preserving and utilizing the existing holdings (over 8,000 m) at the Headquarters of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as that the diplomatic missions and consular office of Romania.

Due to its valuable holdings and because it develops significant activities in the area of public diplomacy, the Diplomatic Archives is one of the institutions to which most demands of scientific research are sent. The researchers’ activity takes place according to Law no. 16/1996 of National Archives, in the study hall of Historical Archives. The opening hours allow researching a significant number of files in adequate conditions, as well as drafting important documentary papers.

Resuming the tradition of drafting diplomatic document editions, many in cooperation with foreign partners, has brought a special contribution as regards ensuring documentary support adequate for grounding the decision of MFA management, as well as for providing incentives to cultural and public diplomacy relations with ministries of foreign affairs of other countries.

Holdings The Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds a significant number of diplomatic documents (over 8,000 m) drafted by the central administration, diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania abroad. Mainly, the documents are arranged according to their origin.

The most important historical holdings of the Romanian Diplomatic Archives are • Historical Archives’ (1831-1895) Holdings • War of Independence (1877-1878) Holdings • Political-diplomatic Archives’ (1920-1944) Holdings organized alphabetically, on countries • Little Entente’s Holdings • Balkan Entente’s Holdings • Paris Peace Conference’s (1946-1947) Holdings • Geneva– League of Nations’ Holdings • 71/ 1920-1944. Political-diplomatic Archives’ Holdings organized alphabetically, on countries • 71/ 1920-1944. Transylvania’s Holdings

All holdings have files organized on topics (from 1 to 105), as they have been categorized in the Archives Catalogue drafted in 1909 according to the Austrian model. The great majority of holdings are still in progress of inventory and categorization according to this system.

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