Comunidade Israelita do Porto

  • Jewish Community of the City of Porto or Oporto


Comunidade Israelita do Porto, Synagoga Kadoorie Mekor-Haïm, Rua Guerra Junqueiro, 340
4150 386

Archival and Other Holdings

USHMM has surveyed this archives and copied a selected documents concerning aid to refugees, organized by the Synagogue Kadoorie Mekor-Haïm and the Comissão de Assistência aos Judeus Refugiados in Lisbon and Porto. This collection contains forms filled-out by refugees from all over Europe, requesting financial aid and help in obtaining resident or transit visas and some type of work from the Comissão during WW II. They are in alphabetical and chronological order. There are also files, grouped chronologically by year, of people requesting work or some type of help from the Jewish Community of Porto, as early as 1933. There is correspondence concerning these requests, telegrams, documents concerning accounting and money transfer, correspondence with the head of the Commissão de Assistência in Lisbon, the HICEM in Lisbon, newspaper clippings, certificates or declarations in English attesting to the moral character and multiple talents of individuals, so that they would be allowed to emigrate to the U.S.A. or elsewhere.

Language(s) of collection: English, Flemish, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish


  • Peggy Frankston