Filmoteka Narodowa - Instytut Audiowizualny

  • National Film Archive - Audiovisual Institute


The National Film Library is a state cultural institution. Its task is a protection of a national hertage in a sphere of cinematography and popularization of a film culture. The National Film Library came into existence, according to the Government's Resolution in 1955, as a Film Archive in Warsaw. In 1961 the archive was renamed the Central Film Archive, in 1970 - Polish Film Library. In 1987 it was included into the national culture institutions register and again renamed the National Film Library. It is a member of the Association des cinematheques Europeennes (ACS). From 2009 the Film Library is a partner of the international internet portal "Lost Films". In 2010 the National Film Library joined the European Film Gateway. It permitted to present its collection in the European Culture's portal. The National Film Library is divided in three branches (two in Warsaw and one in Łódź). The documentary films including these concerning World War II are stored in the Film Archive nr 1 at Chełmska street in Warsaw (Archiwum Filmowe 1 - Chełmska). 1 III 2017 the National Film Library was merged with the National Audiovisual Institute and renamed National Film Library - Audiovisual Institute

Archival and Other Holdings

The National Film Library possesses: 2000 Polish feature films from 1908 to the contemporary. 160 pre-war films, 100 000 Polish documentary and short- feature films, 2000 Polish animated films, 15 000 foreign films, 370 000 stills to about 25 000 Polish and foreign films (over 130 000 in the digitalized service "Fototeka"), 26 000 volumes of books on a film art, 25 000 posters, over 1000 periodicals' titles, 26 000 films programmes, 30 000 screenplays and other written documents. The National Film Library organizes various thematic and monographic movie reviews in its cinema at Narbutta street.

Opening Times

The National Film Archive library holdings (books and periodicals) are available in the workroom at Puławska street 61, open Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9.00 - 15.30, Wednesday 12.00 - 19.00 and Thursday 9.00 - 13.00.


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