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Kultūros paveldo centras
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Lithuanian Cultural Heritage Research Centre was established under the order of the Monument Management Department under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania No. 16 of April 2, 1991, as on March 27, 1991 under the decree No. 180p of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania the Scientific-Methodical Council of Cultural Monuments was revoked.

During the period of 1991-2015 the Lithuanian Cultural Heritage Research Centre (since 1995 – Cultural Heritage Centre) has been structurally changed for several times; however, it’s main areas of activity, namely, search of the cultural heritage, its inventory, research, application to enter into the Register of Cultural Monuments or into the Register of Cultural Property, remained unchanged. The Cultural Heritage Centre aimed to collect as much data about historical and cultural heritage, as well as to enrich, adjust and organize such data and make it available to the public. Research of historical and natural heritage is and has always been the base of knowledge about heritage. The Cultural Heritage Centre is and has always been provider of scientific information about historical and cultural heritage to the Cultural Heritage Department and other interested bodies.


The library of the Cultural Heritage Center (Ašmenos street 10, Vilnius). The archive of the Cultural Heritage Centre (Šnipiškių street 3, Vilnius).

Archival and Other Holdings

There are 45 archival funds in the archives.

Four of the funds are available in the library :

F*.1. State Archaeological Commission (sub-fund No. 1: Monument protection documents (1906-1950). 154 files.

F.2.Heraldic Commission of LSSR Ministry of Culture (sub-fund No. 1 consists of 242 files).

F.3. Collection of the documents concerning architectural objects (sub-fund No. 1: Architectural objects (1522-1981). Consists of 494 files.

F.4. Land management and planing institute (1970 - 1991) (sub-fund No. 1 - 5. Consist of 666 files).

Opening Times

Monday – Thursday 08:30 – 17:30 Friday 08:30 – 16:15

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