Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry /המוזיאון למורשת היהדות הדוברת הונגרית


The Museum is dedicated to the history and cultural heritage of Hungarian Speaking Jewry before the Holocaust. This includes besides Hungary of today also Slovakia, Carpathian Russia (Ukraine now), Transylvania (in Romania now), the Bachka-Banat area (in Yugoslavia) and Burgenland (in Austria). Besides the exhibition and audio-visual program, there are archives, library and a computerized information center.

Archival and Other Holdings

Rabbinic Sources: A fairly large library of secular and Rabbinic literature related to Hungary or by Hungarian Jews. • Artifacts of secular and religious nature displayed. An Ark of Tora from a synagogue in Tokay recently retrieved from being disposed, shipped to Israel and restored, is on display now.

Lists of victims/Survivors--lists of victims of the Holocaust: Lists of survivors living in Budapest in 1945-6 with personal information.

Cemeteries: Close to 500,000 names of people buried in cemeteries in Hungary with personal details and locations.


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