Beit Haedut/ בית העדות


Beit Haedut was founded in Nir Galim in 1991 by graduates of the B'nei Akiva youth movement, immigrants from central Europe. Its main objective is to bequeath the inheritance of heroic Judaism and Religious Zionism to the coming generations, as we believe that "a people which has no past, has no future".

Beit Haedut includes an education center, a documentary museum and a memorial site. It is visited by tens of tousands of people, both from Israel and from outside the country, throughout the year. His instiution serves soldiers, students, new olim, senior citizens and others.

Archival and Other Holdings

We, at The Testimony House, keep collecting, documenting and preserving important materials of the wonderful history of Religious Zionism during the Holocaust and the revival of the people of Israel. In the commemoration project - "And thou shalt tell thy son..." - we enable families and private persons, survivals of the Holocaust and their relatives, to tell their personal story and make it public for generatons to come.


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