Jersualem Cinematheque-Israel Film Archives/- ארכיון הסרטים של ישראל סינמטק ירושלים


The Israel Film Archive is the official institute responsible for the collection and preservation of tens of thousands of Israeli and international films. The largest film archive in the Middle East, the place holds over 30,000 screening prints, 20,000 video cassettes, and thousands of negatives of Israeli films. One can see the archive's collections as parts of a mosaic, portraying the visual history of 20th century Israel. It is difficult to underestimate the importance of these collections, not only to the State of Israel, but the whole Jewish world.

As a member of FIAF - The International Federation of Film Archives - the archive cooperates with other archives around the world for the purpose of research, film exchange, acquisitions, and more. Through this productive dialogue films concerned with Jewish heritage are located and great effort is made to bring a copy of them to the archive.
The Joan Sourasky-Constantiner Holocaust Multimedia Research Center

Founded at the initiative of Leon Constantiner in 1997, the Joan Sourasky-Constantiner Holocaust Multimedia Research Center of the Jerusalem Cinematheque - Israel Film Archive works in the areas of research, acquisition, cataloguing and preservation of films and film material related to the Holocaust. In the last several years, the activities have broadened to include film digitization for long-term preservation purposes and improved public access. Since its foundation, the Center has has worked towards exposing Holocaust film materials to the general public. The Center provides ongoing opportunities for audience members to view films and attend lectures about cinema and its relationship to the Holocaust. In many ways, cinema is the ultimate medium for retaining memory. it is durable (when well-preserved). It captures a moment. It is both historical and historiographical. The films of the Joan Sourasky-Constantiner Holocaust Multimedia Research Center can be found in the Center's catalogue. The purpose of this publication is to honor the ambitious archival, educational, and technological work of the Research Center, as well as to enable readers and researchers to become informed, interested, and educated in what this important center has to offer.


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