Arhiv Židovske općine Osijek

  • The Osijek Jewish Community Archive


Radićeva 13


Tel: +385 31 211-407


Fax: +385 31 211-407

Archival and Other Holdings

Holds material relevant to the history of the Jewish community in Osijek (note that the Jewish community in Osijek was second largest in pre-war Croatia, after Zagreb) as well as publications relevant to the topic. Since the institution does not function as an archive-holding-institution per se, the materials are not clearly divided into collections. For all additional information, do not hesitate to contact the office of the Jewish Community Osijek/ Arhiv židovske općine Osijek.

Conditions of Access

Does not function as a public archive- library. Interested scholars- researchers should contact the office of the Jewish community, explain the purpose of their research and gain permission to come and take a look at the material at a previously set time.


  • Jewish community Osijek

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