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Mandates/Sources of Authority

The Departmental Archives are responsible for the archives of Ancien Régime institutions, departmental services, State services, municipalities (in certain cases set by law), notaries, and more generally public bodies located in the department. They may also take charge of private archives (companies, associations, individuals) of historical interest.

The director of the Departmental Archives also exercises, on behalf of the State, a mission of control over the public archives within the jurisdiction of the department (local authority archives in particular). The Departmental Archives are themselves subject to the scientific and technical control of the State (Ministry of Culture, Interministerial Service of the Archives of France).

As an extension of these missions, the Departmental Archives provide advice and expertise in the field of archive management to public services and local authorities located in the department.

Lastly, they play an educational role, either directly or in collaboration with other institutions, (hosting classes by the educational service) and a cultural role (promoting the collections).


Located at the highest point of Niort, in the Pontreau district, easily accessible from the city centre, the building of the Deux-Sèvres Departmental Archives has been open to the public since 1970. It was designed by the architect Olivier Gallot (Civray, Vienne). An extension was carried out by the architectural firms Triade (Thouars) and Buffière (Paris) between 2003 and 2004, and was inaugurated in 2005.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: 8:30 - 17:00

Annual closure: 1st half of August

Reproduction Services

You are allowed to photograph the documents in the reading room yourself, provided you do not use a flash.

You may also use the archive's reproduction service. This can be done in the form of photocopies or digital files. This is a paying service. For all orders for document reproduction, you must have a personal account: this is where you will find the estimates made in response to your orders, where you can pay online for the images you have ordered and where you can download the images you ordered.

The Archives départementales des Deux-Sèvres et de la Vienne reserve the right to subsequently distribute the images produced on this site, in particular for any order for the reproduction of all the documents held under a given reference number.

Please also remember that the reproduction of documents is subject to the rules of communicability (regulatory deadlines, physical condition of the documents).

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