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6 rue Philippe Dollinger
Grand Est


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Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: 8.30am - 5pm continuously

Weekly closure on Monday

Request for new documents interrupted between 11.15 and 12.45 and from 16.15.

Conditions of Access

Access to the Archives is free for all, regardless of nationality, upon registration (upon presentation of an identity document). A personal reader's card allows access to the reading room and the ordering of documents (archive documents and library books). If you are registered as a reader for the current year, you can request up to two documents in advance for the day of your choice. The documents will be available when the reading room opens at 8.30 a.m. For reasons of document preservation, the maximum number of items (files, boxes, registers) that can be consulted per day is limited to 10 per person, i.e. 5 per half-day. Consultation is carried out one item at a time so as not to downgrade the bundles. In the reading room, free access to the Internet is also possible, after obtaining a personal connection code to be requested at the Archives' reception desk. It is issued on presentation of an identity document. Access to the exhibitions is free.


The reading room is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Research Services

In order to save individuals a potentially useless trip, the Archives d'Alsace check the inventories and provide researchers with research leads: a list of series or groups of call numbers likely to contain information concerning the research topic, or referral to the organisation that can keep the documents sought.

You will receive a reply within 15 days, by post or e-mail: you will be warned if this deadline is unintentionally exceeded (in the case of particularly long searches, for example). A search request form is available.

It is then up to you to carry out your research directly in the reading room, or to use the services of a private third party, if you are unable to travel: you will find the contact details of professional genealogists or associations in the directory or among the useful links. The Archives would like to draw your attention to the fact that the use of a third party who may be paid is a strictly private agreement, which does not in any way engage the responsibility of the public service.

Reproduction Services

Researchers who wish to do so may obtain photocopies of unbound paper documents smaller than A3 in the reading room, provided that the operation does not pose a risk to the conservation of the original and subject to payment of the reproduction fee. It is also possible to print copies of digitised records and documents, which are available to the public and can be consulted on the computers in the reading room.

Readers may also take photographs with their own cameras, without flash. No tripods or hand-held scanners are allowed. A stand and lights are available in the reading room.

For all other reproductions, readers are invited to contact the Archives d'Alsace, which will consider requests on a case-by-case basis. The condition of the documents concerned, the number of reproductions required and the technical means to be used are taken into account. The reproduction of a document is not an obligation for the Archives d'Alsace, except in the cases listed by the laws and regulations in force, and in particular to establish proof of a right. In such cases, it is carried out on presentation of a receipt and after payment of the cost of supply.


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