Archives départementales des Pyrénées-Atlantiques

  • Departmental Archives of Pyrénées-Atlantiques


Cité administrative
Boulevard Tourasse


+33 (0)5 59 84 97 60


+33 (0)5 59 84 83 29

Opening Times

Tuesday to Thursday from 9am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 5pm.

Conditions of Access

Everyone has the right to free access to the reading room of the Departmental Archives after registering on site. To register, you must bring with you :

  • a valid identity document,
  • a photograph to obtain a reader's card.

You must complete and sign a registration form. Once you have registered, you must leave all your personal belongings in the lockers in the reception hall. You may only keep your writing materials (loose-leaf paper and pencil only) and/or your computer equipment (laptop, digital camera). In the locker you will find a plastic bag to carry your equipment into the reading room. A table will then be allocated to you by the chairwoman. These documents must be consulted at the assigned table.

Original documents can only be consulted in the reading room. Access to documents is possible after consulting the finding aids. Some documents can be consulted in their paper form. Others are computerised and can be consulted on three computer workstations reserved for this purpose. According to the legislation in force, documents can be consulted immediately or after a period of time that varies according to their nature.

You can consult a maximum of 14 documents per day and you can order 3 documents at a time. But you can only consult them one after the other. Requests for documents are made either on the forms available at the reception desk or on the computer stations provided for this purpose for notarial minutes (3 E) and old series (A, B, C...) The first document requested will be brought to your table by the clerk. You will then have to collect the other documents yourself at the reception desk.

Reproduction Services

Reproduction of documents is subject to prior authorisation. It is a facility granted to readers, not a right. The following are excluded from reproduction: bound documents, documents on parchment, damaged documents. The use of a camera without silver or digital flash is subject to prior authorisation.


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