Fédération Nationale des Déportés et Internés, Résistants et Patriotes

  • National Federation of resistants and patriotic Deportees and Internees


10 rue Leroux




Created by the deportees and internees, the FNDIRP was founded in October 1945, five months after the victory over Nazism.

The FNDIRP bears the legacy of those who, in the heart of the Nazi camps, made the oath to testify on behalf of all those who did not return; the inheritance of those interned in prisons of occupied France, the fighters who took care of the survivors. The unprecedented crimes of Nazism are at the root of the organisation. An oath, made on the premises of their suffering, tied the camp survivors: testify on behalf of the dead, to ensure the future of man and his dignity.

In the name of this oath the FNDIRP has since 1945 developed numerous activities, including:

Remembrance activities: Publications, testimonies, commemorations, support for museums, participation in the “Concours National de la Résistance et de la Déportation”, award a university price (Marcel Paul), site preservation, fight against Holocaust denial.

Judicial and legal activities: civil party in the lawsuits filed for crimes against humanity, or against Holocaust denial, the right to compensation without discrimination, for victims, spouses and orphans

International activities: contribution to the peace effort, disarmament and development

Social activities: solidarity, creation of a medical center, a vocational rehabilitation center, a nursing home, a hospital.

Medical activities: strengthening knowledge about specific pathologies of former deportees to improve patient care.

The FNDIRP brings together all victims of Nazism and its Vichy-accomplices: resistance fighters, men and women persecuted in the name of a racist ideology, exiles, and families of missing or killed persons.

Archival and Other Holdings

The documentary collection includes: a library of over 2700 volumes on the resistance, internment, including some rare books and books that are out of print (such as testimonies from 1945-1950) and academic work, especially those who were rewarded the “Marcel Paul” price.

The collection of the “Patriote Résistant”, the monthly publication of the FNDIRP since 1945, is microfilmed for the years 1945 to 1995. A computerized systematic analysis allows to search more than 7,000 articles for the period 1945-2010 by keyword (themes or places), title or author.

Archives collected or produced by the FNDIRP include: testimonies and studies on the internment and deportation; on the pathology of deportation; press kits on Nazi criminals and their accomplices tried or not; national and international FNDIRP-activities concerning remembrance; against the resurgence of Nazism and in favor of peace and human rights.

A collection of 7,500 photographs from various sources (collection whose vocation has no commercial character).

Opening Times

The archives are currently closed and the collections are most likely going to be transferred to the “Archives Nationales”.


  • Mémorial; translation from French into English by EHRI