Nadační fond obětem holocaustu

  • Endowment Fund for Victims of the Holocaust
  • Foundation for Holocaust Victims


Legerova 22/1854
Prague 2
120 00


(00420) 224 261 615; (00420) 224 261 573; (00420) 224 261 615 [Executive Director]


(00420) 224 262 563; (00420) 224 262 563 [Executive Director]


The Foundation for Holocaust Victims was established on 31st July 2000, on the basis of the recommendations of the Joint Working Committee Focusing on Mitigating Some Property Injustices to Holocaust Victims. The mission of the Foundation is to mitigate these injustices. It does so by redistributing grant endowements in 4 project programmes: social, medical and psychological care for Holocaust victims (Care Programme), reconstruction and maintenance of Jewish sites around the Czech Republic (Renovation Programme), educational and Holocaust remembrance projects (Remembrance Programme) and projects of Jewish education and the development of Jewish Communities (Future Programme).

In 2001–2005, the foundation administered the programme Compensation, in which we distributed 100 million CZK among those, whose property in today´s Czech Republic was confiscated during WWII on the basis of racial laws and who were unable to retrieve it or receive compensation through current restitution laws or international agreements. This program is no longer in operation.

Archival and Other Holdings

The archives include 1256 requests for compensation.

Conditions of Access

Due to the sensitive nature of the compensation process and the privacy protection, the files aren't accessible for research.


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