Institut Terezínské iniciativy

  • Terezin Initiative Institute


Jáchymova 63/3
Prague 1
hl. m. Praha
110 00 Prague 1


+420 222317013


Terezín Initiative Institute is a non-profit organization which came to existence through transformation from Terezín Initiative Foundation (Nadace Terezínská iniciativa) founded in 1993 by international association of former prisoners of Terezín ghetto, Terezín Initiative. The aim of the Institute is to support and pursue research of history of the final solution in Bohemia and Moravia and history of Terezín ghetto and to present its results to broader public. The Institute, just as well as other organizations, wants to make Terezín a place of encounter and disscusions between people of different generations, nationalities, political, philosophical and religious beliefes.

The Institute doesn't hold physical archival collections but focuses on development of specialised digital resources. It created a database of Holocaust victims from Bohemian Lands, including those deported to Terezín (Theresienstadt) from other countries. It conducts extensive digitisation projects in Czech archives, especially in the National Archives in Prague. Parts of the data is made available through the portal.


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