Polish - Jewish Heritage Foundation Of Canada


The Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation of Canada was formed in 1988. The Foundation has chapters in Toronto and in Montréal.

The objectives of the Foundation are to: • promote better understanding between Polish Christians and Polish Jews; • preserve the unique heritage of Polish Jewry; • encourage greater knowledge of the history and culture of Polish Jewry; and • foster research.

We achieve our goals by presenting programmes on Jewish life in Poland, Polish-Jewish relations, and the impact of Polish-Jewish thought and creativity. Programmes include lectures, films, publications, concerts, exhibitions, commemorative events and book launches.

We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers who donate their time, funded by membership fees and the occasional financial donation

Our speakers have included Eva Hoffman, Hanna Krall, Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, Marek Edelman, Jacek Kuron, Adam Michnik, Father John Pawlikowski, Antony Polonsky, Michael Steinlauf, Gershon Hundert, Agnieszka Holland, Konstanty Gebert, Rabbi Michael Schudrich and Father Romuald Weksler-Waszkinel

Among the founders of the Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation one can find such distinguished names as Frank Bialystok, Henry Dasko, Louis Lenkinski, Rabbi Dow Marmur and Sharon Weintraub in Toronto and in Montreal Barbara Horny, Barbara Berger and Irena Bellert and Gershon Hundert.

Since 2002 the Toronto Chapter has been chaired by Peter Jassem and the Montreal Chapter is chaired by Jolanta Duniewicz. It dissolutioned in 2017.

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