Белорусский республиканский фонд "Взаимопонимание и примирение"

  • Belorussian Republic Foundation “Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation”
  • Belorusskiy respublikanskiy fond “Wzaimoponimaniye i primiryeniye”


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On January 28 and 29, 1993 in Bonn the final round of negotiations concerning the issue of the indemnification to the victims of National Socialist persecutions in special circumstances has taken place between the delegations from the Federal Republic of Germany and delegations from the Republic of Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine.

In the documents granted by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany the total sum of financial assets around 1 billion DM has been stipulated at disposal of the Funds of «Mutual understanding and reconciliation» which will be founded in Minsk, Moscow and Kiev.

The task of the funds organization has been entrusted to the Committee on the social protection of dischargee military men, the private soldiers and officers of law-enforcement forces organs, the soldiers-internationalists and their family members by the Republic’s Council of Ministers.

According to the Chairman’s order the working group on the preparation of the fund’s constituent documents has been created and other normative documents have been issued which started to work on March, 1, 1993.

The foundation was formed according to the decision of Council of Ministers of Belarus «About formation of the foundation «Mutual understanding and reconciliation» from June, 14, 1993 № 394.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

The foundation’s activities are directed to:

  • the financial assistance payments to the suffered people from the resources of the German Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”, from the Austrian Fund (Fund of reconciliation) of voluntary payments to the laborers forced to work under the National Socialist Regime, and other charitable financial payments;
  • finishing work on the payments from German Government’s aid in 1993;
  • the development and the realization of the social projects and programs on the behalf of the Nazi victims, (together-) with the Remembrance and Future Fund which was founded as a part of the "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" Foundation, (together) with the Austrian Fund of reconciliation and other organizations and public associations of the former victims of National Socialism;
  • the coordination of the existing social projects and programs on the behalf of the victims’ of the National Socialist regime;
  • rendering humanitarian help to the victims;
  • the establishment and development on the behalf of the suffered the new connections with the similar socially funds and directed organizations of other countries;
  • the assistance to the public associations of the former Nazi victims and the coordination of their activities;
  • preparation analytical materials on the victims’ problems;
  • organizing and holding the conferences, seminars, the distribution of the information concerning social work in the field of victims’ protection;
  • the collection of archival data and its preparation for the use on the State’s behalf the assistance in the scientific and research activities concerning the matter of national-socialists persecutions during the Second World War, publishing books and brochures;
  • telling youth the historical truth about Nazi persecutions and the events of the Second World War, involving young people’s help assistance to victims;
  • carrying out medical activities: wholesaling the retail sales of medical products, medical equipment and the products of medical aid;
  • carrying out other activities for the victims’ and their heirs’ benefit.

Archival and Other Holdings

Among others contains restitution- and/or compensation-related materials: Belorussian Republic Foundation; archive holds files of Belarus' forced labor foundation (German foundation partner organization)


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