Зональный государственный архив в гopoде Речицы

  • Regional State Archives in Rechitsa
  • Zonal State Archives in Rechitsa
  • Zonalnyi Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv v Gorode Rechitsy


ul. Neftianikov, 88
Gomel Oblast


+375 (2340) 4 66 84, 4 66 33, 4 66 79


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The Archives was established as the Branch of the State Archives of Gomel Region in Rechitsa in November 1963, and this consolidated the Rechitsa municipal archive and the Bragin, Loev, Rechitsa, Uvarovichi and Khoiniki district archives.

In April 1996 the branch was renamed as the Zonal State Archives in Rechitsa.

Archival and Other Holdings

Amount of holdings: 829 fonds, 142745 items

Chronological scope: from 1943 to the present

Geographical coverage:

  • abolished Vasilevichi and Komarin districts
  • Bragin, Loev, Rechitsa and Khoiniki districts of the Gomel region

Contents: The main bulk of the archive's holdings are records created by the local organs of state power and government (district, town and village councils) that illustrate the social, political and economic life in the districts included in the archive's area of acquisition. These contain data on the work of the commissions that investigated Nazi crime and damage in the region in WWII, as well as the data on the postwar restoration of economics in the region.

Records of financing, planning and statistical departments illustrate the system of planning, financing and accounting.

Records of agricultural and forestry institutions provide data on the establishment, reorganization and activity of the collective and state farms and forestries.

Records of various enterprises illustrate the development of light, food, oil and other industries in the region.

The development of health care and social welfare in the postwar period is reflected in the records of health and welfare departments of the district executive committees and district hospitals.

Records of educational institutions contain data on the development of educational, training and procedural work at various educational institutions.

Information on the development of culture and mass media is provided in the records of various cultural institutions and newspaper editorial offices.

In addition, the Archives holds collections of personal papers with historical and biographical data on the famous people of the region. These include the personal fonds of D. D. Valentik, military pilot, colonel, Hero of the Soviet Union; P. M. Khlus, honorary doctor of the BSSR, honorary citizen of Rechitsa; D. F. Banadyk, participant of World War Two; A. V. Kuzmenkov, honorary pensioner, Veteran of War and Labour; N. P. Radzanov, Veteran of War and Labour, honorary citizen of Rechitsa.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Thematic catalogue, information and reference materials and reference library available.

Opening Times

Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00 Reference Desk and Reading Room: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 8:00-17:00; Wdn 8:00-20:00

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