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State Archive in Ruse was created in 1952. After many reorganizations it became since 2010 the branch of the Regional State Archives in Veliko Turnovo.

The Ruse State Archive is a division within the Regional State Archives of Veliko Turnovo Directorate. It manages the selection, acquisition, registration, processing, preservation and provision for use of the documents identified for permanent storage, which stem from the district administration, the municipalities of the Ruse region, the territorial structures of the state bodies and other state and municipal institutions, organisations and important figures of local significance; as well as the scientific and methodological guidance and control of the organisation, preservation and use of documents in the archival services.

The Archive was created in 1952 as a division of the County directorate of the Ministry of Interior, Ruse in accordance with the Decree 515 of the Presidium of the National Assembly and the Council of Minister’s Decree № 344, dated 18th April 1952. After 1961 it was subordinate to the People’s County Council of Ruse and in 1988 was incorporated within the structure of the Municipality of Ruse. In 1992 it passed under the direct governance of the General Department of Archives at the Council of Ministers. In 1978 it received the status of a directorate, but in 2010 it was reformed into a division.

Geographical and Cultural Context

In 1994 the fonds and collections of the former County Committee of BCP were accessioned, containing 667 fonds with 11 797 archival units, 982 memoirs, 882 partial accessions, 120 photos and 2 albums.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

Through the years the Archive was headed by: Pencho Nedelchev (1952–1961), Zlatka Pencheva (1961–1978), Hristo Hristov (1978–1983), Dimitar Petkov (1983–2000), Plamen Chakarov (2000–2005), Plamen Pintev (2005–2006), Anka Chakarova (2007–2010).

Administrative Structure

After the administrative and territorial changes in 1959, 149 of its fonds were transferred to the newly created Archives in Razgrad and Silistra.

Archival and Other Holdings

As for 1 I 2018 the archive contained 1953 archival collections (239 970 archival units)

There are 3727 volumes of vocational literature on history, archivology and other fields of science; dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, finding aids, guides, catalogs, documentary editions and periodicals (720).


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