Държавен архив – Плевен

  • Durzhaven arhiv - Pleven
  • Pleven State Archive


3, Stoyan Zaimov Street


+359 64835358 – reading room
+359 64823218 – head of division
+359 882009489


+359 64 823783


State Archive in Pleven was created in 1952. After many reorganizations it became since 2010 the branch of the Regional State Archives in Montana. The Pleven State Archive is a division within the Regional State Archives of Montana Directorate. It manages the selection, acquisition, registration, processing, preservation and provision for use of the documents identified for permanent storage, which stem from the district administration, the municipalities of the Pleven region, the territorial structures of the state bodies and other state and municipal institutions, organisations and important figures of local significance; as well as the scientific and methodological guidance and control of the organisation, preservation and use of documents in the archival services.

Geographical and Cultural Context

As of the 1st Jan. 2012 the total fonds’ amount of the Archive is 1811 linear metres with 2675 archival fonds (2509 public and 166 private) with 201 070 archival units; 740 partial accessions and 1532 memoirs. The Security fonds consists of 995 570 frames of negatives and positives.

Archival and Other Holdings

As for 1 I 2018 the archive contained 2702 archival collections (204 374 archival units)


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