Maison de Repos Israélite Heureux Séjour

  • Jewish Retirement home "Heureux Séjour"
  • Heureux Séjour


The project was created in 1875 under the leadership of Great Rabbi Astruc. It housed 18 elderly people in a rented building on Auderghem Avenue 190. In 1878, the premises were moved to rue Bara 47. In 1900, with the financial support of Mr. Franz Philippson, the organisation could buy the land on rue de Glacière where new buildings were built and opened 12 May 1901. The institution was a legally recognised association as February 8 1923 under the name of "retirement home for elderly Jews." The number of residents increased. Its purpose was "to host and take care of Jewish elderly of both sexes of at least sixty years old who are unable to meet their needs themselves." It also housed people paying for these services. According to Maxime Steinberg, as the retirement home of rue de Glacière was open during the occupation, staff depended on the AJB. After the war, the home was chaired by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Philippson. At this time the home had about thirty residents but was in bad shape and had to be renovated and expanded. This was done thanks to the financial support of the JDC and the JCA, Mr. Simon and Ms. Lina Haim, Leon Maiersdorf but also the subsidies from the Jewish Material Claims Against Germany inc., the COREF and the Gustav Furweiler Foundation inc. In 1949, the home had doubled its capacity. The subsidies from JOINT reduce in 1950 to stop in June 1951. The Home is affiliated with the Central Jewish charities. In 1959 the works for the construction of a new building on rue de Glacière start, this is where the institution is now. The old building was converted into a clinic. The nursing home took the name of Heureux Séjour on May 28, 1961.

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