Archives communales de Saint-Gilles / Gemeentearchief Sint-Gillis

  • Communal archives of Saint-Gilles


The city administration's Archive and Digital Strategy service was created in 2015. To bring together all services that manage information, it was merged two years later with the informatics service to eventually form the Archives, Informatics and Digital Strategy service. Previously, the archive was managed by each service separately. From 1880 to 1920, an archivist was probably employed within the municipal administration.

Incidentally, preparatory plans for the construction of a new town hall with space specifically for the archives have survived. Traces of the archivist's activities can also be found, such as folders containing a number of files. As it is today, the archive service was located at the Department of "General Affairs".

The service has an archive patrimony of almost 3 kilometres long, the oldest piece dating back to 1729.

Records Management and Collecting Policies

The Archives, Informatics and Digital Strategy Department preserves many documents received and/or created in the context of carrying out the missions of a local public administration, such as public works, health, education, etc. On the other hand, the department does not keep civil registry or population registers, nor planning permits: for these, people should contact the relevant departments directly at, or The department also keeps a number of private archives, including those of former mayors. Some of the preserved archives have already been inventoried and can be consulted online via a regularly updated website. A number of archive files are of particular interest, such as this one on the protocol visits that took place on the territory of the municipality during the period when visits by foreign personalities began upon their arrival at South Station.

The department also has a photo archive that has been almost completely digitised and a very interesting file relating to the urbanisation of the territory of Saint-Gilles, which will certainly appeal to amateurs of architectural projects from the early 20th century. Those interested in the history of both world wars can consult - subject to privacy regulations - archives on the construction of the military cemetery, passive air defence and the militia.

The department also keeps building line plans, archives on demolished buildings and files closed in connection with the organisation and construction on the territory of Saint-Gilles, in particular archives on the transport network in the municipality, major works such as the covering of the Zenne or the extension of traffic arteries, and the development of the sewage network. Much of this archive has been inventoried and can be consulted online.

Archival and Other Holdings

Saint-Gilles has a local history circle that keeps a number of private archives of circles and societies, as well as of the mayors. The circle's contact details are on the municipal administration's website.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication


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