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Police Museum Oudaan has a collection of objects related to the Antwerp municipal police since 1860.


The police museum is located on the twelfth floor of the police tower on the Oudaan near the old city centre of Antwerp. This protected monument was designed by the famous architect Renaat Braem. The twelfth floor has been the best preserved all this time. There you can still find the original interior as designed by the architect.

The building dates from 1958 and is a protected monument. The tower has been sold to a real estate investor. All policy-making and support services of the Antwerp police will move to a new master building in Berchem in 2023.

Archival and Other Holdings

The museum has a unique collection of uniforms, helmets and caps, percussion and firearms, bicycles and motorbikes ... But also antique pieces such as equipment from the telecommand room, flashing lights, traffic controllers, medals, flags ... When the doors of the police museum open, you find yourself in the Antwerp of the last century.

Finding Aids, Guides, and Publication

Since the last curator of the police museum retired, a team of volunteers has been providing the guided tours. These are all police officers with years of experience.

Opening Times

By appointment only. It is best to make an appointment by phone about six weeks in advance.

Research Services

For some time now, a team of volunteers has been making an important contribution to the digitisation of the extensive police archive, so that the many photos and files can be included in the FelixArchief. The result of their efforts can be viewed on the FelixArchief website. Please note that part of the collection can only be consulted with the written permission of the public prosecutor.

Public Areas

After visiting the police museum, visitors will have the opportunity to visit the 13th floor of the police tower. Here you get a beautiful panoramic view of the city.


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