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The Australian Jewish Historical Society (Victoria) has the primary aim of supporting and promoting the study of the history of the Australian Jewish community, its personages, and its institutions. Since 1938, the AJHS has provided a forum for the publication of scholarly accounts in its own journal, the Journal of the Australian Jewish Historical Society. Several meetings a year are presented for the delivery of talks and colloquia on historical matters. This website is intended to provide a speedy and accessible communication channel for our members, to give easy access to what the society is doing. Both the New South Wales and the Victorian chapters of the AJHS have been very concerned with the preservation of records, and have made representations to promote the preservation of our historic buildings and places.

Within the gamut of Australian Jewish history we include studies of Jewish activities in New Zealand and South East Asia, demographic studies, and accounts of passage to Australia. In addition, the Journal has published accounts of overseas occurrences, where there is a very strong linkage with Australian Jewish History.

We maintain close relationships with the Australian Jewish Genealogical Society. A remarkable percentage of the Australian Jewish community are either Holocaust survivors, or the children thereof. Historical studies, focussed on events of the Holocaust, as well as educational activities related to Holocaust studies, are primarily the gamut of the Holocaust Museums of Sydney and Melbourne. We have also forged beneficial ties with international bodies with similar interests to our own, learning from their experiences.

The Society is for all who share our interests. Membership includes a subscription to the Journal of the Australian Jewish Historical Society, which is published twice yearly. Members are also entitled to participate at reduced rates to the various tours of historical sites that have been organised by AJHS. These historically oriented tours have included walking tours of historical sites in the CBD and within various suburban centres such as Carlton, river cruises along the Maribyrnong River, bus trips to Ballarat, and long-weekend study tours of Tasmania. To join the society, click here or click the "Contact" button on the bottom panel.


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