Museo Del Holocausto

  • Holocaust Museum
  • Fundación Memoria del Holocausto


Montevideo 917
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires F.D.


+54 11 4811 3588

Geographical and Cultural Context

The Holocaust Museum is an experiential space that integrates the history of the Holocaust-Shoah and its repercussions in Argentina, with the aim of educating new generations and preserving the memory. Through objects, documents and testimonies of survivors, a tour is exhibited that gives an account of the process of extermination of six million Jews at the hands of Nazi Germany.

Guided tours, courses and educational activities are offered with the aim of disseminating the history of the Shoah and its consequences for humanity, raising awareness of the dangers of ideologies that spread hatred, stimulating solidarity in the face of the suffering of others, and encouraging ethical and humanitarian behaviour to prevent future crimes against humanity.

Its heritage collection includes testimonies of hundreds of survivors who managed to rebuild their lives in Argentina after the tragedy.

Mandates/Sources of Authority

The Museum has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest by the National Congress and by the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.


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