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  1. "Dr. Theodor Herzl", Sofia

    Zionist organization in Sofia, Bulgaria

  2. 1-asis lietuvių policijos batalionas

    • Das litauische Schutzmannschafts- W-Bataillon Nr. 1
    • Lithuanian 1st Police Battalion

    The 1st Battalion which was located in Kaunas and was active in the mass murdering process of Jews in Kaunas and the periphery in summer and autumn 1941. The 1st Battalion's soldiers killed tens thousands of Lithuanian and foreign countries (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic) Jews. Since 20 December 1941 the Battalion was renamed to 13th Battalion and was active in Byelorussia.

  3. 105a Brigata Garibaldi

  4. 11-as rezervinės policijos batalionas

    • Reserve-Polizei- Batallion 11
  5. 121a Brigata Garibaldi

  6. 12a Brigata Dalmata

  7. 16-я 'Литовская' стрелковая дивизия

    • 16th Lithuanian Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
    • Lietuviškoji 16-oji Raudonosios Armijos divizija

    The 16th Rifle Division was a formation in the Red Army created during the Second World War. The division was formed twice, and was given the title 'Lithuanian' during its second formation. It was originally established at Novgorod in October 1939. In the end of 1941 reformed and given the title 'Lithuanian', the division participated in several battles against Nazi Germany, including Kursk, Belarus, and the Baltic. It was disbanded at the end of the war, although it was briefly revived in 1955 before being disbanded once more. When the 16th Division was reformed after its destruction, it w...

  8. 16a Brigata Garibaldi

  9. 17a Brigata Garibaldi

  10. 1a Brigata oltremare

  11. 1a Divisione Ossola Mario Flaim

  12. 1st Czechoslovak independent field battalion

    • 1. Ceskoslovensky samostatny polni prapor
  13. 210a Divisione Genio Pontieri

  14. 2a Divisione Elter

  15. 48a Brigata Garibaldi

  16. 49a Brigata Garibaldi

  17. 4a Brigata Garibaldi