Krausz Miklós

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Hungarian Jewish Zionist activist. In 1932 he was appointed as the general secretary of the "Mizrahi" and “Hapoel Hamizrahi” organisations in Hungary. In 1934 he was the secretary of the Eretz-Israel Office in Budapest and from 1938 to 1946 its manager. In April 1944, a few weeks after the German invasion of Hungary, all the 7,800 certificates that were not used by Jews, who were deported or exterminated by the Nazis all over Europe, arrived. But after Romania switched alliance to the Russians (23.8.1944) the way to Palestine was blocked. The Swiss consul, Carl Lutz obtained from the Hungarian government the authorization to issue Protection Documents for those in possession of a certificate and thus the “Schutzpass” was born. In the summer of 1944 Krausz distributed the “Auschwitz Report”, which was smuggled into Hungary and described the extermination of Jews in the camp, abroad. After the liberation Krausz made aliya. In Israel he worked for the Ministry of Social Welfare until he retired.


  • Mezőladány, Hungary

  • Israel

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