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Holding Institution: Lavon Institute for Labour Research / המכון לחקר תנועת העבודה ע"ש פנחס לבון
  1. Religion (facilities, synagogues, various religious organisations).

    File 5 titled “Belgium” contains documents concerning events organised by the Jewish communities in Brussels (in 1946).

  2. Orphanages, children’s homes.

    File 44-2 contains, among others, circulars regarding the organisation of vacations for orphans (years 1945-1946) in Belgium.

  3. Persecutions, pogroms, self-defense, help to victims.

    In file 493-11 titled “Belgium” we find announcements for events organised by the Jewish communities in Brussels (in 1946).

  4. Zerubavel Jacob.

    This fonds contains several relevant files. We firstly note the correspondence of Zerubavel, in which we also find (copies of) letters (and sometimes circulars) of the Belgian section of Ahdut Ha’Avodah and of various correspondents in Belgium. See the files nr. 30, 33A, 33B, 34 and 60. They resp. cover the years 1922-1961, 1933-1962 and 1957-1962. Lastly, file nr. 29 contains, among others, documents related to the conference of Poale Zion held in August 1946 in Brussels.

  5. League for Labour Palestine.

    This fonds contains 3 relevant files. File nr. 493-1 (dated 1921-1968) contains announcements, invitations, minutes of meetings, reports, press (incl. Folk un Arbet) and correspondence between Nathan Schwalb (for the Histadrut) and the Belgian Ministry of Public Works, concerning compensation for damages to the property of the League for Labour Palestine in Belgium, destroyed by the Nazis during World War II. It also includes testimonies of two former members of the organisation. In file nr. 493-2 (dated 1929) we find announcements for a lecture of a Belgian member of parliament (most likel...

  6. Liaison Office of the Hehalutz in Geneva – Archive Nathan Schwalb.

    In this fonds we find several files which are of importance to our subject. First of all we note a number of files explicitly referring to Belgium. File 1-30 (“Hehalutz Belgium”) contains correspondence (dated 1940-1946) with members of the movement and includes a report on the situation of the Jews in Belgium during the occupation. In the file titled “Belgium” (file 1-135, dated 1940-1946) we find correspondence with the national leadership of the movement as well as with messengers; this file includes lists of members of Gordonia Maccabi Hatzair (October 1945), copies of letters from memb...