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Holding Institution: Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
  1. Le monde concentrationnaire

    • Le monde concentrationnaire (radio documentary series)

    Le monde concentrationnaire is made up of the following episodes: - Les juifs (The Jews) - La pensée détruite (Devastated thinking) - Le moral (Morality) - Melk (Milk) - Le message des témoins (The witnesses' message) - Un système économique (An economic system) - L'arrivée au camp (Arrival at the camp) - Résistance médicale (Medical resistance) - Compiègne-triage (Compiègne-triage) - La quarantaine (Quarantine) - L'exemple de Buchenwald (The Buchenwald example) - La solidarité (Solidarity) - L'heure de la libération (The Liberation) - Le monde concentrationnaire : émission du 26 avril 19...

  2. Radios privées

    • Private radio stations

    Private radio stations since 1945 Several fonds from various private radio and programme companies acquired by the Ina (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel) or transferred as part of deposits and donations: La Voix de l'Amérique (1947–1975): this fonds includes programmes broadcast by the Parisian station of "La Voix de L' Amérique", a programme company broadcasting from North America. Gaston l'Herbier Fonds: selection of programmes broadcast mainly on Radio Luxembourg / RTL between 1947 and 1980. The fonds was created by radio technician Gaston L'Herbier during his professional career a...

  3. Radio publiques

    • Public radio stations

    Public radio since 1945 Programmes broadcast on the national and regional stations of RDF (Radiodiffusion Française, 1945–1949), RTF (Radiodiffusion télévision française, 1949–1964), ORTF (Office de radiodiffusion télévision française, 1964–1974), France Régions 3 (FR3) Radio (1975–1982) and Radio France (since 1982). SORAFOM / OCORA Fonds (1955–1968) This collection includes programmes from SORAFOM (Société de radiodiffusion de la France d'outre-mer) which were broadcast between 1955 and 1962 as well as documents from OCORA (Office de coopération radiophonique) broadcast between 19...

  4. Fonds avant-guerre / guerre des ondes

    • Pre-war fonds / war of the airwaves

    Pre-war (1933–1940) The fonds includes programmes broadcast on state radio stations and private stations. - Public stations: Paris PTT, Radio Paris, Poste Colonial - Private stations: Poste Parisien, Radio cité, Radio Nîmes, Radio 37 Agence sonore Radio Actualités Françaises: several copies of material and reports that had been recorded on discs for distribution to different radio stations War of the airwaves (1940–1944) The fonds consists of radio recordings from different radio stations broadcasting: - In occupied areas: Radio Paris - In the free zone: Radio Vichy - In Free France...